2013: New Year Resolutions

I’m not much of one for new year resolutions, but admittedly it’s a convenient point to take stock and lay out plans for the near to mid term. I’m going to turn 30 this year and with the onset of old age it seems more important than usual to achieve… something!

On the basis that I’m more likely to stick to anything I make public, here are a few things I mean to prioritise in 2013:

Go touring

It’s looking increasingly like our previous (non-biking) expedition plan might fall through this year, leaving the possibility of going touring, something I haven’t done in earnest since my teenage years.


Current front-runner is Sweden, to combine with a social visit. Alas, Google suggests that riding to the Nordcap might be a little far (1500 miles each way!) but we’d like to see the midnight sun.

The Swedes don’t allow bikes on trains, apparently. Thinking caps on!

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