Azub Twin and Nazca Quetzal recumbent tandems

I popped round to Laid-Back-Bikes’ Edinburgh showroom yesterday to see no less than three different recumbent tandems!

Two’s company…

I popped round to Laid-Back-Bikes’ Edinburgh showroom yesterday to see no less than three different recumbent tandems!

From left to right: Nazca Quetzal 26″, Azub Twin, Nazca Quetzal 24″:


The Azub Twin is a much older design than Nazca’s Quetzal (reviewed in depth on this site). It’s quite interesting to compare these three models side by side, as while there are visual similarities, they could hardly ride more differently.


Laid Back proprietor David Gardiner putting the Azub Twin through its paces…


When it came time for me to give the Azub a spin, I was really quite surprised at the seat height, given it has only a 20″ front wheel. The 26″ Quetzal feels lower…

Tiptoes much?


In motion the Twin feels very different to the Quetzal, especially the steering feel. Something about the front end geometry and bars makes it extremely lively (we slowed it down as much as possible using the adjustments on the tie rod support and handlebars).


David G has ridden it more, and with a passenger and found it quite a handful, although of course, a long enough acclimatisation period with any bike is only fair.

Getting back on the Quetzal with David as stoker just underlined the fantastic stability of Nazca’s design – it’s just so easy to ride, and I was able to u-turn it in the street no problem (even riding solo, I had to dismount to turn the Azub around).

To finish, here are a couple of shots of David providing a test ride on the new 24″ Quetzal… smiles all round!



Nazca Quetzal : two’s company

Nazca have produced a remarkable bike in the Quetzal, combining fantastic features and build quality with critically acclaimed handling.

Stunning design, smooth and confidence-inspiring ride

Ingenious tandem will fold, split or adjust to any situation

There are few recumbents in the world and fewer tandems, so there really aren’t many recumbent tandems! With their latest model, Dutch manufacturer Nazca are taking this niche head on and seem to have struck gold at the first try…


The Quetzal oozes quality and is clearly a labour of love, from its impeccable manners to design highlights like the dual rear shocks and the ingenious stoker BB (which slides on the triangulated main frame member):


It can easily be ridden solo but the ride comes into its own when laden as intended – the Quetzal is a very solid and confidence-inspiring bike, vital when you are responsible for another person as well as luggage for two!

Photo courtesy uberuce

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