2016 Tour o’ the Borders – video

1st place finish at this year’s Touro, shortly after the birth of our twins… a gruelling effort!

So the big day finally arrived, three weeks after the birth of twins which made the McCraw household less of a place for bikes and event preparation…

After hardly any sleep for weeks, lots went wrong on the day but I can’t be too critical because I pulled off the upset, placing 1st with a time of 3:31 on a very windy and respectably hilly course. Again, proper write-up to follow in due course!

Who would have imagined that I would be the first rider to summit the 20% climb at Talla… on a recumbent?

touro1 (1)

I can only say that the agony of having newborn twins makes any amount of bike riding, however hard, seem like no problem – so I can’t take much of the credit for this performance… In the meantime, below is the whole of the event sped up to 800%.

At 3:00 into the video you can see me put in a break on the peleton (such as it was). I held this for almost the whole of the next 69 miles, and was first to summit four of the five climbs on the event – all except Paddy Slacks near the finish, where I had finally been reeled in by another break. I then set the KOM on Paddy Slacks descent towards the Tweed by quite some margin to go on and sneak the overall result by just five seconds.

More highlights from the video:

The climb up Talla begins at 10:00 and the descent down the other side at 11:00

The descent from Megget to the extremely fast St Mary’s Loch section is from 12:00 (picked up a KOM here!)

The descent from Berrybush into Ettrick valley at 15:50

Finishing the Swire climb and screaming descent from 19:35

The final climb up Paddy Slacks starts at 22:00 and you’ll see one solo rider then two pairs manage to pass me. I immediately overtake the second pair on the descent (from 23:30) where I picked up another KOM.

Pain now to Peebles. After 26:00 you can see some nice descending from Kailzie and the run in to the finish. Boom!

To be continued with a full write up in due course…

touro2 (1)

8 thoughts on “2016 Tour o’ the Borders – video”

  1. Yes it had to happen. Well done!
    Think you were the sole reclined rider this year so had to carry the expectations of an entire cycling genre with you.

    It is a cracking route as you say and rewarding for everyone whatever they ride. Ged from Edinburgh Bicycle was out again this year and enjoyed the stops along the way as I did on my second go.

  2. Awesome! And amazing video too
    Get training those twins so they can follow in your footsteps/wheel tracks
    Vive Le velo couché!

  3. Congrats on the twins, I’ve not managed more than 5miles round trip I the year since mine were born, so either you are much more organised or you are currently living in the eye of the storm.
    Enjoy as much as you can with the lack of sleep, they’ll be in school before you know it, plenty of time for cycling then.

  4. Congrats to you on the twins – know the last few weeks must be a bigger blur than the scenery on the ToB!

    I’ve just pasted this up on FB so you should get even more traffic. We have the Saki at LB now which gives a similar type of ride to the High Baron should anyone wish to see how it all works. The Saki will be reviewed in the next issue of Velo Vision magazine

  5. Congratulations to you and your wife on the arrival of the twins. You’ll garner much advice and comments regarding nappies, sleep and priorities but I have no doubt you’ll be the best Dad in the world for them.
    As for cycling, that was one heck of a feat and congratulations for it.

  6. Hi Dave, I could do with some advice on climbing. I was a lifelong DF rider until collapsed discs in neck meant that I needed to lie back so I bought a MetaPhysic from your mate David Gardiner at Laid Back. I train in the Derbyshire Peaks and tackled the 140 mile/11000ft Dragon Ride in the Brecons last Sunday but am still struggling to maintain high enough speed up the steepest gradients, e.g. Devils Elbow 20%, to keep my balance. Is this just an issue of building strength/speed on climbs? My lowest gear is 28t chainring/36t sprocket and I’m on 155mm cranks. Your advice would be much appreciated!
    Cheers, Tim

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