2016 Etape Caledonia – video

Headcam footage of the first half of the 2016 Etape Caledonia (I finished in 21st place).

This year I rode the Etape Caledonia as a warm-up to get me training early in the year (if you like, a B event ahead of August’s Tour o’ the Borders).

I finished in 21st place, five minutes off the pace, which wasn’t awful for the first ride of the year. The High Baron was great as usual, mainly held up by traffic in the first two thirds of the ride, as can be seen on the video.

I’ll write a longer report separately, but I did get a headcam rigged up to the front of the bike which recorded roughly the first half of the ride before the batteries died:

After the video ends, there’s one climb up Schiehallion (not as long as you’d expect, nor as steep – it took me just over eight minutes at 270W), a bit of descent then a pretty dull main road finish, barring a slightly lumpy section immediately before the line.

I was pleased to ride the Etape just to see what it was like, and it did prove valuable incentive ahead of the Touro in August, but I have to say that the quality of the riding isn’t great with so many others on the course. I did a recon ride a few weeks before and was only passed by a handful of cars, but otherwise had it all to myself!

3 thoughts on “2016 Etape Caledonia – video”

  1. Pleased to see the blog dusted off as know you’ve been very busy with family things. I reckon you were just too far back on such tight roads to really get going at start as you say. 21st is a great effort though as we all know how serious these ‘fun runs’ can be. I heard some bikes were sporting Herr Obermayer’s ‘Lighweight’ carbon fibre wheelsets of the kind sold by our old neighbouring shop (rrp £3k).
    Talking of which…. you’ll need to come round to our new Tardis like shop at 14 St Peter’s Place, EH3 9PH. We have the Saki set up with tiller bar. Interesting to compare to the quite similar High Baron. Upcoming review of Saki by Howard in the next Velo Vision mag

  2. @David G, soon I’ll be able to fill this blog with everything to do with transporting twins by bike! Until then it is hard to find time to write anything for sure… but slowly getting there 🙂 Will bring the girls into the shop when the stars align!

    @ Matěj thanks! I was pleased not to lose much ground on this climb, although for sure the fastest riders stormed away. I more or less held position in the bunch by the time we topped out the climb, and then the fun began again 🙂

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