Celebrating another winter of cycle commuting

Winter is here at last, which means studded tyres, dynamo lights and even bigger time savings on my commute – not to mention the extra exercise I’m getting to help with “festive spread”…

I for one welcome our new explosive cyclogenic overlords…

Last week’s weather bomb has brought winter at last, so the Marathon Winter tyres are fitted and I’m enjoying the extra exercise and the novelty of crashing through crispy snow and ice to and from the office.

It beats spending hours stewing in the car while people try to figure out how to drive safely in the snow, that’s for sure, and also mitigates some of the seasonal waistline concerns…

I found myself on the Union Canal with my camera the other night and decided to try and grab a couple of shots to celebrate the season of studs and goodwill. This is with the Philips Saferide dynamo light, which replaced the old Cyo I’ve used in previous winters (for no good reason, I was just interested in a change).

What snow there was had melted down to a beautiful layer of crispy ice. Makes quite a nice rollover:


Hover overlay: [Light on] [Light off]

Can you spot the pedestrian in the ‘dark’ pic? Thought not, but this isn’t a topic about moral hazard…

I should do some more long exposure night shots I think – pretty cool. I haven’t quite ridden past the camera in the one above, but this one shows the pattern of my strobing tail light:


It also highlights how well controlled the beam of these dynamo lights is. Even on a three second exposure there’s hardly enough light hitting the shrubs at the side of the path to make them out. For comparison, check this test shot where I had the front of the bike lifted off the ground so I could spin the wheel by hand:


Amusingly, I have a persistent squealer who I sometimes encounter on my commute, who gives me to understand they think my light isn’t set up properly. If there was any way to recognise them in advance, I have wondered about actually pointing it up for them, so they aren’t complaining in vain… 😉

3 thoughts on “Celebrating another winter of cycle commuting”

  1. Hi Dave.

    What model of the Philips Saferide dynamo light did you opt for? Also I hear the fixing bracket is poor quality-has that been your experience?

    All the best

  2. Hi Simon,

    It’s the 60 lux version. Although it has a couple of niggles (noticeable beam artefacts, goes dim when I’m climbing steep hills) overall I prefer it to the original Cyo I was using previously. While the Cyo was much better on hills, it’s not as bright otherwise. In fairness, I should point out that the Cyo in question was long in the tooth – pre-dating the last PBP.

    The brackets are weak. My better half has been using a Saferide for the last three years and about mid way through she noticed it was vibrating a bit, caused by the mount splitting on one side. I replaced it with a B&M one I had lying around (with a lot of bending!)


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