ASA-compliant cycling: low life expectancy

If you want to live more than five minutes cycling in the UK you *absolutely cannot* afford to cycle as timidly as this!

If you want to live, get out of the gutter

The ASA kicked up a storm a while back with its ludicrous and widely-condemned verdict that cyclists must be shown cycling in the gutter in the mainstream media.

This week the ASA issued a humiliating climbdown, but too late for this pair of Edinburgh cyclists who I passed on a commute the other day.

Holy shit, if you want to live more than five minutes cycling in the UK you absolutely cannot afford to cycle as timidly as this:

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that these people were killed under the nearside of an overtaking HGV. You can see how little hesitation the three motors in front of me in the queue have in taking up the invite to pass. The internet is littered with the names of cyclists killed by truck drivers in circumstances like this, including more than one in Edinburgh.

Safe responsible cycling means getting in the way of dangerous driving. It’s easier said than done, but I’d rather have a shouting match with a moron every six months than be six feet under.

6 thoughts on “ASA-compliant cycling: low life expectancy”

  1. hmmm when I assert myself and ride in primary through an area with traffic coming the other way that should mean overtakes should not be made, I usually end up with all kinds of aggro and horns and pointy fingers from morons who have been held up behind me… there needs to be a national advert campaign to explain to these morons just how to and when it is safe to overtake cyclists and also why we are in the middle of the lane…

    oh wait, the ASA squashed the last one and it’s taken ages for it to get the ban lifted…

    This is my favourite one though ­čÖé

  2. I agree, but it’s a lot easier to be assertive when you’re cycling fast, at roughly the same speed as the cars. When you’re slow, you get a lot more grief from vehicles when you take up space. I hadn’t realised this until I hurt my knee. Really surprised how much more nerve-wracking I found cycling my usual route.

  3. yup… I’m riding a folding small wheeled (20 inch) e-bike… Fine up to 15 mph and then the assist cuts out and it’s very hard to go any faster than 20 mph because of the lack of gearing… my legs are turning as fast as I can turn them but faster than 20 mph is only possible coasting downhill….

  4. its poorly designed british roads which is the problem here.
    the british government prefers to divide and conquer by letting the road users fight it out
    amongst themselves on the roads than to actually do something sensible about it such as separating cyclists from motorised vehicles period

  5. telling cyclists to cycle literally right next to the kerb is COMPLETE UTTER MADNESS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER┬░!
    they have NO idea WHATSOEVER what they should be doing.
    what on earth will they come up with next??
    CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE┬░!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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