Cycling Cuba’s Oriente

Three weeks in Cuba, cycling unsupported around the coast of the Oriente – Guardalavaca, Baracoa, La Farola, Santiago, Sierra Maestra…

Viva la revolución!

We’re just back from three weeks in Cuba, cycling unsupported around the coast of the Oriente- Guardalavaca, Baracoa, La Farola, Santiago, Sierra Maestra… we’ve got monster tan lines and an irrational hatred of plantain chips and everything made of guava… 😉

Rather unfortunately my camera didn’t make it. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one taking pictures, and in the true spirit of antiimperialismo I’m able to bring you a few sneak peeks while I write up more substantial reports (watch this space).

Cuba certainly lived up to its reputation as a first-rate cycling destination: perfect weather, amazing roads, friendly people… with the daily average around 40°C it was certainly an antidote to British winter blues!

The coast road just east of Marea del Portillo, Granma

Fixing the suspension of our intercity transport with some fence wire on the Carratera Central.
Note the five well secured (!) bikes.

Crossing the Sierra Maestra towards San Lorenzo

cuba10 (1)
Riding into another Carribean sunset…

cuba1Crossing the pass of La Farola, between Baracoa and Guantanamo

cuba2Rush hour on a typical Cuban main road

The amazing coast road west of Santiago…

All that’s left of the only road on the south side of the Sierra Maestro…

How much longer will it last? Anyone’s guess…

2 thoughts on “Cycling Cuba’s Oriente”

  1. An interesting mix and lack of surfaces. (And some surfaces without anything much underneath!)

    The raised road on concrete at ‘La Farola, between Baracoa and Guantanamo’ looks nice. Was that the best section and would a Fuego be a good choice if I ever made it there? I imagine Reclinados are not seen there much!

    The Cuban people sound great to cycle among…. did you meet any pedalling on two wheels or is cycling a predominantly for visitors? Bruce Logan did send me some shots of pedal cabs,…

    1. You could avoid almost all of the the unsurfaced terrain if you chose – it was more of an ‘excursion’… excellent recumbent terrain really.

      La Farola is a reasonably large mountain pass with a huge number of twists and turns and good views. Very fast descending (and Claire is QOM on Strava for the ascent).

      Actually we saw what looked like a homebrew wooden midracer towards the end of our trip. I’ve been meaning to ask about it on BROL. (No pics unfortunately as we were getting a lift to Havana at the time…)

      Definitely a foreigner as he was wearing a helmet. The only one we saw in the country that we hadn’t imported ourselves.

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