London-Edinburgh-London 1400km nonstop: pics

Some photos from London-Edinburgh-London nonstop 1400km audax, where I helped at the Edinburgh control for a night.

Edinburgh control overnight on 29-30th

I’m not long back from helping out at the Edinburgh control on LEL 2013.

It will probably take me a wee while to put some coherent thoughts together, but I see no harm in posting up a random set of photos while the event’s in progress:

Welcoming riders in out of the night. A lot of those who hit the control early were absolutely drenched…

… so as you can imagine, towels, showers, and hot drinks were in hot demand…

… while the blankets came in handy for more than just sleeping!

About half of the beds in one of the two dorm rooms. I don’t think I ever want to see another air bed. Ever!

At the front desk, a crack squad of elite volunteers was poised to stamp cards and strike lines.

The main hall. Who needs a royal event when you can get decked out in LEL bunting?

Drying and re-assembling brevet cards (!)

A steady stream of riders kept arriving through the night.

The weather was much better, so perhaps a good time for hardy souls to put some miles behind them.

Half of the Edinburgh bike racks. Not often you see a quarter of a million in bikes sitting about (given some reasonable assumptions…)

I can’t remember if this photo was ‘artfully angled’ or ‘exhausted incompetence’ 😉

The bed system worked amazingly well, considering the demands of sleeping (and waking) hundreds of riders in a continous stream of in-and-outs

Two predatory looking velomobiles parked up outside the Edinburgh Control (Quest and Quest Carbon XS)

the shoe benches were… malodorous! No getting around it…

Front of house, still managing a smile after a billion hours on duty!

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