Bicycle snow ploughing

Another snow fall in Edinburgh, and this time I felt ready to plough a few miles of pavement between Kings Buildings and the Meadows…

Keeping (some of) Edinburgh moving…

Woke up to a reasonable dump this morning, apparently causing “chaos”. Sure enough, little sign of grit or plough in South Central Edinburgh.

I couldn’t help notice that everyone who cycles into our north Edinburgh financial nerve-centre got in on time…

Anyway, it was a good opportunity to refine my Carry Freedom Y-Frame (cheap on Chain Reaction) based snowplough, and in my own small way, I kept the bus network moving:


I then popped up to King’s Buildings before ploughing the pavement into town as far as the Meadows:


Not a bad effort for the commute. You can see I’ve got the trailer wheels slung over the bars, so when I hit the top of Middle Meadow Walk (which I ploughed twice, creating an uphill and a downhill track) I just popped the wheels on and rode to Leith in double quick fast time.

I was at my desk over 30 minutes before the working day begins. No problem! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bicycle snow ploughing”

  1. If you get it when it is still soft & fresh – before it gets compacted – snow is easikly & quickly cleared with a stiff brush.

    Consider having a stiff brush head projecting about 1″ below the blade to bear on the running surface with adjustable kentiledge (weight and the level of the blade adjustable to get a balance between the trailer tyres just touching the surface and the force down on the brush head.

    A refinement might be to fit the rotating brush arrangement from those old push along carpet sweepers, you’ll see the heavy duty version being used in the Copenhaganize video as the street sweeper with the rotary brush drives along throwing the snow clear and leaving a dark strip behind

  2. LOL this is a great idea, I think you may be crazier than I am. Its a shame you can’t get a system to push rather than pull, I expect a converted electric box bike with a front blade would be ideal, but in terms of determination. . . I don’t think you can beat you set up, very Mad Max.

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