Snow plough: flat pack design

A quick look at my flat-pack design for a bicycle snow plough, based on the Carry Freedom Y-Frame. From cupboard to street hero in moments!

Ikea don’t make bicycle snow ploughs, but if they did…

I thought it might be worth a quick post highlighting the flat-pack nature of my bicycle snow plough, and how easy it is to assemble if the ground turns white (tool free, what’s more).

The metal core of the trailer is from my Carry Freedom Y-Frame. I have plenty of articles about this excellent device, or if you just want to know where to get your own, I enjoyed a great discount from Chain Reaction.

Anyway, here are the parts of the trailer laid out against the wall (minus the wooden trailer ‘flatbed’ which comes as stock):


Below: I’ve permanently screwed a square section of wood onto the leading edge of one plough blade, with a hole through which one arm of the trailer ‘Y’ frame projects.


Below: front view of the same stage. Note the four large washers and wing nuts on the ’empty’ edge of the wooden edge piece – these will be used for tool-free assembly of the overall blade structure:


Below: the other blade has a slot cut into it for the opposing side of the ‘Y’ frame and just slots over it, like so:


Below: poke through the bolts and fit the washers and wing nuts to secure the overall structure. You can see however that the hitch is projecting at a crazy angle and, in practice, the plough would pivot wildly around it if used like this:


Below: so, next step: insert the stub axles from the trailer wheels through the sides of the blades and into the trailer frame. This provides four points of contact, controlling the angle of the plough (so make sure you drill in the right places!!):


Below: in this case, you can see I’ve hung a heavy bike chain from the subframe to help stabilise the plough (because I added sharp metal edge reinforcements as an experiment, and they make it very jumpy):


Below: all said and done though, it does work a charm. (In the picture below, the tyre tracks in the background are from cars. I haven’t been bothering to plough the road, and it would look better than that if I had!)

See also the video of the plough in (limited) action.


Ever tried anything similar? Got any tips or tricks I should be thinking of? If so, drop me a comment at the bottom of the page 🙂

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