Bike snow plough video

Video showing mk2 snow plough in action – now sporting dubious metal edging protection. Still, you have to get out when it snows!

Design continues to evolve. Not enough snow though!

We’re almost at the end of winter, and it’s only snowed once since I unveiled the super duper scrap wood bicycle snow plough (mk 1) in January.

I’ve added a metal edging strip to the bottom of the plough to see whether this would improve wear (previously, it just rode on the board itself, which isn’t a very good long-term solution).

I don’t think metal strip is a great improvement, however. While it does reduce wear on the plough itself, it catches on imperfections in the surface and makes the plough jump around.

Since this reduces towing speed (and the whole thing gets pretty noisy) I don’t think I’ll persist with this line of enquiry.

I had to add my (multi-kilo) bike chain to the trailer to help hold it down, and tracking also seemed to be aversely affected, as you can see in the video.

This is probably a worst-case for performance, because the pavement is heavily cambered (you can see the flat section of the plough means it’s only really sweeping a narrow tangent, so there’s a bit of snow left to either side).

It did a pretty good job on the drive, in contrast:



Is there a future in flat-pack bike plough technology? I like to think so! If you fancy giving this a go yourself, Chain Reaction Cycles are selling both large and small Y-Frame trailers with a decent discount.

Ever tried anything similar? Got any tips or tricks I should be thinking of? If so, drop me a comment at the bottom of the page 🙂

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