RaptoBike Lowracer, DualDrive special

Custom-built hub-geared FWD

(Not ridden – observations only!)

Another customer special from the LaidBack showroom – this time a RaptoBike lowracer kitted out in awesome orange “colourway”.

Raptobike Lowracer DD

As well as DualDrive (freeing up the front end to a clean single ring), this frameset has been finished off with a pair of handbuilt wheels on deep aero rims. Very handsome!

All photos from Laid Back’s Flickr stream.

Raptobike Lowracer DD

One nice feature on this bike is the folding tiller (the first I’ve seen on any RaptoBike). While I’m not personally a fan, it does make the bike a lot more approachable. If you let someone sit on it you don’t need to explain and/or demonstrate how to get out!

Raptobike Lowracer DD

With no post on the boom, this is another really clean looking bike:

Raptobike Lowracer DD

BB7s round out a nice package of finishing kit. I was particularly impressed with the seat edging, which is retroreflective (you can’t see this in any of the photos alas).

Raptobike Lowracer DD

Another happy customer!

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