Milan velomobile hits the road

It’s been a while since I posted an update on the Milan that was put together in Edinburgh’s Laid-Back-Bikes over the summer months (see previous posts).

Back at the start of August update the Milan was complete barring electrical work. The bike was provided with twin B&M headlights (to be run from a battery) but otherwise needed to be drilled and extensively wired for switched indicators and a rear light.

Finally time came for the Milan to launch and be ridden home to the west coast (a respectable day’s ride).

Outside Laid-Back-Bikes in Marchmont

David Gardiner did some escort work out to the west of Edinburgh, where the Milan was last seen heading into the sunset… sort of!

Since then, owner Richard has posted a couple of updates on his own blog, linked below. Sounds like the Milan is doing well, equalling his Fujin SLII best time despite having to winch it uphill on the way home!

Richard on ‘Ma Grande Boucle’:

Lighting photos

In the second photo, you can just see the right indicator (near the reflection of the window) – pretty tiny! I think the plan was to fit unlensed LED stars, but haven’t seen the bike since these were fitted.

I’ve made an appointment to go over and see the Milan ‘in the wild’, look forward to the update at the start of next month!

Again, photos courtesy Laid-Back-Bikes:

Stern view, showing left indicator

Bow view, showing left indicator

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