2012 ICE Vortex review

A full-on go-fast trike, the ICE Vortex is light, aerodynamic, stiff, expensive, and not that practical (albiet only in the same way as any racing bike).

No compromises make this the fastest trike on Earth

Your eyes may bleed, but you’ll be coming back for more. Perhaps.

ICE Vortex 2012 review

Have Inspired Cycle Engineering stepped out of the shadow of their handbuilt lineage at last?

The 2012 ICE Vortex has almost nothing in common with the ICE Sprint and even less with the Adventure; it makes the Catrike 700 look crude and clunky, the Greenspeed X5 faintly pedestrian.

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Sharing the road: a tribute to the IAM

Please help inform the IAM by completing this impartial and precision-crafted survey. All responses are anonymous and you can complete it as many times as you like!

Please help inform the IAM by completing this impartial and precision-crafted survey

All responses are anonymous and you can complete it as many times as you like

Hello. Recently the Institute of Advanced Motorists ran a survey and pushed some highly dubious, some might say intentionally inflammatory, interpretations of their data to the press.

Since anyone can set up a SurveyMonkey survey just like the IAM, I have done so with a variety of carefully selected questions. You’ll notice these are completely impartial and free of bias, and I can assure you any conclusion will be likewise.

As I only need a relative handful of submissions to reach the same statistical validity as the IAM, please take thirty seconds to answer the following:

RaptoBike Lowracer Review

Arnold Ligtvoet brought front wheel drive to the mainstream with the critically acclaimed Raptobike Lowracer – BentRider Online’s runaway “Reader’s Bike of The Year” in 2008. Fast, direct, stable, hugely fun and won’t break the bank – what’s not to like?

You can’t afford to miss this FWD speed demon!

Pound for pound the fastest bike on the road?

I flicked the chain up to the 70 tooth big ring, pulled into the fast lane of the A90 and overtook a stream of slower moving vehicles at almost 40mph. The road flattened off but I found myself holding 30mph easily, pacing the rush hour traffic into central Edinburgh.

The RaptoBike Lowracer opened my mind to the possibilities of recumbents and I put my order in the very same day!

Raptobike lowracer review

Even after three years and many thousands of miles, dropping into the near-horizontal seat still excites me:

  • It’s low – down where the action is.
  • It’s robust – no need to worry about potholes or kerbs (or cars!)
  • It rides like a dream – far more stable than you’d expect, far more manouverable than you’d imagine.
  • It’s fast – cutting through the wind like a knife. Open up on the pedals and the short front wheel drivetrain responds without a hint of flex.
  • It’s adaptable – wheel sizes, tyre widths, brake options, gearing, almost anything can be however you like it. With a fork swap you can fit dual 700C (!).

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IAM ‘red light poll’ stuffed…

“32% of drivers admit running red lights, yet only 1.9% of cyclists frequently do so”, IAM survey finds.

Yet the IAM scrape the barrel of media attention with a release stating “More than half of cyclists jump red lights”.

by kenjonbro

The sample size? 1600 submissions of a web form that anyone can easily ‘stuff’ as many times as they like.

Motoring organisation left with serious egg on face

Ipsos Mori director: ‘home-cooked, half-baked poll’ too dire to laugh at

by kenjonbro

The backlash against the Institute of Advanced Motorists continued unabated over the weekend, after Steven Hope – managing director of Ipsos Mori’s Edinburgh office – blasted the feeble survey and the motivation of its publishers.

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