Paper Bicycle Rack

The Paper Bike, now fitted with the essential “Starship Enterprise” luggage rack:

Strong enough to carry a grown man or two, good looking enough to portage artisanal coffee beans or hand-curated antiques through the Bike Shop Quarter.

It’s hard to imagine what more a rack could offer…

The looks of a bonny lass and strength of a raging highlander…

I was lucky enough to meet much-feted bicycle guru Nick Lobnitz at Laid-Back-Bikes in Marchmont on Saturday, just after he’d made a rather exciting delivery…

Paper Bicycle rack - the luggage solution

Yes, it’s the long-awaited luggage rack for the Paper Bicycle! Huzzah!

Combining the funky looks of the bike itself with a wee nod to the spaceships of Star Trek, the Paper Bicycle rack was exactly what you’d imagine – bold, stylish, and strong.

Paper Bicycle rack - the luggage solution

Even on this early model I was impressed by the attention to detail – check the cork inserts on the open tubes, for instance.

In the first version I did make a note here to the effect that the burly tubing was too thick for standard panniers. However, as Nick left a comment below that he’d checked this, it’s only fair to guess that my pannier clips are thinner than normal for whatever reason!

Paper Bicycle rack - the luggage solution

Fitting is by a single expanding bung:

Paper Bicycle rack - the luggage solution

I just have to leave you with this fantastic shot of Nick putting the prototype Paper Bicycle rack to the ultimate test of faith (considering where he will end up if it collapses…)

Paper Bicycle rack - the luggage solution
(mercilessly appropriated from Flickr)

If you’re interested, pester Nick about this over at Paper Bicycle!

2 thoughts on “Paper Bicycle Rack”

  1. David

    The rack will take Ortlieb Panniers, and most others that I have tried. The top rail is 12.7mm in diameter, and while this is at the big end of normal it still seems to suit most panniers.



  2. Hey Nick,

    Hmm weird – my panniers are by Vaude and seem pretty standard, but they won’t fit.

    OK – maybe I just have duff panniers then… I’ll make a note! 🙂

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