Caution – Long Vehicle!

2m of coving makes this the longest load I’ve had… just about the limit unless you’re sure you won’t be going over speed bumps!

Just back from B&Q where I picked up, amongst other things, a box of coving that weighed in just over 2m long. This is about as long as you can go on a stock Carry Freedom Y-frame, in my opinion:


If you don’t want to overlap the load bed at all you’re pretty limited. The secret in this case is to strap the leading edge onto the hitch arm, keeping it out of the way of the back wheel:


This prevents you getting more than half lock right, so if the load is fragile like coving, *watch out*.

I’ve been looking into getting an extended hitch from Nick at Carry Freedom. They cost £50 which is steep for a bit of bent aluminium square section, especially given that the stock trailer is so capable already.

One to think about. In the meantime, I made a small improvement to performance by greasing the bike hitch mount post. As the angle changes when I put the bike up on its stand, it was taking me a couple of seconds to work the elastomer free – not any more! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Caution – Long Vehicle!”

  1. Have you got the red ‘lollipop’ hitch on that? Been browsing carry freedom’s website and it looks like a really neat solution. Tempted to acquire one for the ‘welded leviathon’ project that’s creeping to the front of my mind…

  2. Yup, spotted that you’d written about it elsewhere after I posted that comment. Minor incompetence on my part…

    The stock frame is tempting, but I have access to a friend with a MIG welder and am vaguely near a B&Q that sells metal things. Might have to add up the weight and compare what the end results would be

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