Let it snow, x3

Gearing up with Marathon Winter studded tyres

I decided to swap my Schwalbe Kojaks for studded Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres this weekend following a few days of bitter cold which froze standing water on my commute solid.


700x40c at the front of my Pompetamine. There’s enough clearance in the Cotic fork for the 45mm SKS mudguard to do a decent job over the top of the 40mm tyre (or would be if the front half of it hadn’t been broken off!). Ideal would be the 55mm guard I think, when I can justify the upgrade…


It was interesting to see how much travel the paths get by 7am (when most including me are usually still in bed!). This is Five Ways on the NEPN just before dawn:


Have to admit, I’m stoked about riding through another winter. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to ignore the worst the weather can throw at you – no chance of being cut off, stranded, skidding into a crowd of school kids (not with studded tyres anyway).

Nice quote from the discussion on CCE just now:

first icy day on my Marathon Winters (thanks to Dave’s review) and WOW! Water of Leith path from Dean Village to Murrayfield was thick with ice, but not a single slip or mishap, and the Broomhouse Path was just as easy to ride as any other day (except the silly parallel rutted cycle indicators, even I’m not THAT brave).

Still asking myself why I didn’t get a pair last year, and eagerly waiting to see what else winter thinks it can throw at me!

I’ve started conceptualising my snow plough trailer in earnest… watch this space :)

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