Who cares about fuel strikes?

Cunning cyclists circumvent car combustibles crisis

Bakery Workers Union: “Cake supplies holding up”

Today I took delivery of a new fridge freezer and so I had to run the old pair out to the dump Community Recycling Centre. I could have got them in the back of the car, but I hadn’t bothered to defrost or clean out the insides, so chucked them on the Carry Freedom Y-Frame instead.


It took two trips instead of one, but taking into account the mess advantage (no hovering up polystyrene chunks from the upholstery!) it came out as a wash.

  • I poked the people queueing for fuel at the local station in both eyes (one each trip 😉 )
  • I’m in pocket to the tune of £1.64 – maybe more if the pump price is being hiked
  • I can eat a large cake and still need trousers with a smaller waist
  • My CCE awesome “power” rating has crept up a notch

What a winner.


At somewhere north of 320 litres, the fridge represents the largest load I’ve carried (by volume) although certainly not the lightest or longest (for those, see the links below).

If anybody is interested in the Y-Frame, I’ve touched on it a couple of other times. You can check it out directly at the Carry Freedom website.

Very highly recommended.

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