Trans-Canada for Sick Kids foundation

This summer, some customers of Laid-Back-Bikes are taking on a mighty challenge…

Together with his two sons, Olmo and Ally, Angelo will be cycling thousands of miles across Canada to raise money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

In the meantime, their fellow Edinburgh residents are mainly queueing up at the new drive-through Krispy Kreme doughnut parlour!

Their vehicles of choice are Rohloff-equipped Nazca Fuegos, with trailers for extra load capacity:


David Gardiner of Laid-Back has been helping out with training, gear and maintenance tips and I thought it would be great to flag this and raise the profile of a most excellent ride: here’s their Just Giving page (you know you want to!).


There’s also this video, shot by David recently: can you guess which one is on their first Fuego ride?

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  1. Ryan

    I wish people would stop attaching a charity to their adventures/vacations. You spend 5,000+ to take an adventure with your sons to “raise” 1000 from other people for a charity – kind of a joke, don’t you think? If you care about a charity’s cause then don’t take an expensive vacation and get other people to donate. Do volunteer work, or work for money and then donate/use your own money to further a good cause.

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