Another day, another trailer-load

Carry Freedom the default option in hilly Edinburgh

I’ve now saved 60% of the (purchase + maintenance) cost of my Carry-Freedom Y-Frame trailer as measured by mileage saved on the car!

We’re almost finished with the new kitchen fitting, so that means there’s a load of odds-and-ends to dispose of.


I’m now so used to using the Carry Freedom that it seems like a funny idea to put this sort of thing in the back of our estate. It makes you realise how silly the built-in assumption is that you can’t transport heavy or bulky goods on your bike (in hilly Edinburgh too).

It’s totally routine.

I especially enjoyed this load because, while drivers can still claim not to see groups of cyclists who “came out of nowhere” on the road, if you have a little bit of scrap metal on your offside, everyone transforms their behaviour…



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