Trailer park frolics

It’s so hard to find a space…

… but you can’t complain about the price when you do!

Off out spending money in local shops again this afternoon – something I wouldn’t really bother with if I had to park the car, carry a ton of change for the meter and still get it wrong (somehow) and end up with a £60 fine.


No, this is the way to do it. Six months’ supply of premium Basmati rice bought in bulk by a happy customer from a happy local trader. (Even more fun when you can park “properly” too, instead of blocking off the pavement for pedestrians!)

FYI, Chain Reaction Cycles are selling both large and small Y-Frame trailers at a large discount. This is how I bought mine, and I can only recommend it (get it delivered to the office, put it together and tow the empty box home!)

It’s really strange that local government and shopkeepers both seem convinced that Edinburgh’s life blood hinges on facilitating maximum motorcar throughput (often just people heading to the nearest retail park outside the bypass anyway) rather than making local journeys like this one simple and safe-feeling by bike.

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  1. Mark James

    My record was 147kg of logs from Lochend woods – just over a mile home – easy does it!


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