Sharing the road: a tribute to the IAM

Please help inform the IAM by completing this impartial and precision-crafted survey

All responses are anonymous and you can complete it as many times as you like

Hello. Recently the Institute of Advanced Motorists ran a survey and pushed some highly dubious, some might say intentionally inflammatory, interpretations of their data to the press.

Since anyone can set up a SurveyMonkey survey just like the IAM, I have done so with a variety of carefully selected questions. You’ll notice these are completely impartial and free of bias, and I can assure you any conclusion will be likewise.

As I only need a relative handful of submissions to reach the same statistical validity as the IAM, please take thirty seconds to answer the following:


  1. Question 10 could be read either way. For example drivers using mobile phones does not improve my safety, but drivers not using phones would improve my safety. Depends on how you choose to read the questions – I guess just like the IAM poll.

  2. Dave

    Good catch – it’s harder than it looks, isn’t it?

    There were some surprising choices coming in (speeding is dangerous but speeding doesn’t significantly impact my safety?) so I’ve edited the column headings to make it cleaner.

  3. Alex Pattison

    Nice one, Dave.

  4. nelly

    Good one dave, just shows what can be “proven” by surveys. Clearly IAM knew this, their agenda couldnt be more obvious. Makes them a bit pathetic really.

  5. Yes a reminder to look at the evidence not the headlines for the truth. Shame on IAM. Are they a a Charity?

  6. Just took the survey, nice work. I did my own study on traffic signal compliance in response to the IAM.

  7. Helen Booth

    Nice work

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