Sebastiaan Bowier: fastest human ever

VeloX3 hits 83.13mph at Battle Mountain 2013

Congratulations to HPT Delft / Amsterdam who have managed to clinch the world record at the eleventh hour of this year’s Battle Mountain event.

It’s the third attempt by the Dutch team (who are supported, amongst others, by RaptoBike) to take the crown from Canadian Sam Whittingham.

Rather than copy and paste their press release like everyone else has, I’ll just direct you to the press release :)

I mainly wanted to share these excellent pics by team photographer Bas de Meijer:








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  1. Yes.. great achievement and nice ot see some new pics. I see he’s doing training riding what looks like a modified Baron (low racer with bigger front fork). They did use Raptobike too.

    I heard that on the earlier runs the Velox3 skin distorted and held it back. Then they made mod (gaffer tape?!) and broke the record as forecast by their computer modelling…

    Still a lot of unknowns as speeds increase but a great methodical approach from the Dutch team. They came close last year and now their hard work has been vindicated.

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