Milan Velomobile – early build

24-hour world-record velomobile at Laid-Back-Bikes

I was passing the Laid-Back-Bikes showroom yesterday and glanced in the window to see something quite unexpected. My commute turned into a full evening affair as we unboxed the kit form of the fastest 24-hour bike (technically, faired trike) in the world… the Milan!

Laid-Back owner David Gardiner

Local experts were able to derive the suspension construction from first principles

The near-perfect teardrop profile of the Milan, seen from below.

Preparing the suspension for a dry run! Not something you want to get wrong…

Fitting the rear suspension swing-arm

Front wheels go on…

And finally there’s a rolling chassis. The reflection comes from the twin IQ Cyo lights…

I’ll pop by again to get some better quality shots to help anyone else in the English-speaking world who’d like to build one of these without learning a second language.

Definitely looking forward to seeing this roll out – watch this space :)

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