Bicycle trailer: wooden logs

I’m a lumber jack and I’m OK…

Needless to say there’s been quite a bit of tree falling down in these parts recently, what with a hurricane and then an even worse storm a few weeks later.


This is my Carry Freedom Y-frame trailer with a startling 73KG of wood logs ready for drying and then to be put to good use…

The trailer itself was quite happy with 73KG (I can see it coping OK with the rated 90KG max, or even more) but the supplied velcro strap wasn’t really sufficient to control logs of this size – they really need to be secured at two points to prevent the load shifting over our crazily potholed streets!


With a low gear of ~39″ the White Fright was struggling to tow this kind of weight up from sea level, too – I was in bottom gear the whole time (and my hub gear was particularly stroppy with random ghost shifts and clunking to make matters worse!). A more sensible gear around 30″ would make it much lighter work – or ideally a recumbent trike, which can tow virtually any weight with style and panache…

Next up, a washing machine challenge across Edinburgh?

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  1. mark james

    Ive had 147kg of logs on my y frame, mostly slightly down hill around 2km. Steady as s(he) goes.

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