Dooring – depressingly common

The #1 cause of cycling KSIs is a flung-open door

I’m not going to say much about this, other than to point out that it’s lucky I’ve seen so many offences committed on Edinburgh’s streets that I was covering the brakes and able to stop without drama.

Something I learned the hard way as a student, when I was taken off by a flung-open door in moving traffic (!).

I could write to the council and report the taxi – 8am, no stopping zone, W309 PSX (taxi number 1199) and a clear offence under Construction & Use… but what’s the point? It would merely be noted as no death occurred (and presumably I “came out of nowhere” despite wearing a white jacket 😉 )

These days you can actually get prosecuted if you’re doing something as unusual as driving while eating a bowl of cereal, but something like this is so depressingly common that it’s not even worth reporting.


  1. Close one there. Mr Taximan at his best. As an aside… how were the taxi drivers in Havana? Hope you had some good cycling over there.

  2. Roibeard

    At least the taxi driver may have had a sufficient shock to modify his future behaviour…

    But somehow I bet he was explaining to himself and you about how it was all your fault…


  3. Dave

    Taxis and everyone else driving in Cuba were superb – could teach the British motorist a few lessons in safety and courtesy (at least when it comes to the driving. The state of the cars can’t quite be complimented in the same way!)

  4. Dave

    Well, isn’t it obvious that if a taxi driver parks in a clearway outside a shop he has the right to fling the door open whenever he likes?

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