Carry Freedom Y-frame trailer service

Almost no moving parts = almost maintenance free…

It’s the end of summer and about six months since I last did any maintenance work on my much-loved, hard-abused Carry Freedom Y-Frame trailer.


The lollipop hitch being a fit-and-forget item (and at end of life, a relatively easy to replace one) the main concern on the Y-Frame trailer is the condition of the hubs and stub axles.

Fridge, freezer, washing machine – amazing what this has been carrying!

You’re probably aware that to remove the wheels from the trailer you push in the button on the end of the axle (indeed, many like myself flat-pack the trailer every time it’s used).

The same button, held in, allows you to easily remove the whole axle from the hub shell:


Inspect the bearings. Mine do feel slightly rough but as the trailer is hardly the most efficient thing to tow at high speed or ultra distance, there’s no question of bothering to replace these any time soon (a lab might detect the difference with a new set of bearings but I definitely couldn’t).


The axle is the main thing to pay attention to, especially because it can potentially corrode in place, but also for general smooth running. After six months without attention, mine are looking grubby. Do this more frequently over the winter months:


A swift scrub with a dirty cloth brings the worst of the grime off. I didn’t bother to lubricate the retracting balls or push button this time, as they feel nice and smooth:


Then finish up with a new coating of grease. I don’t think it really matters too much what you use, again since the presence of a trailer on your bike will cause it to go less efficiently whatever sort of low-friction lubricant you tried to use!


Pop it back into the hub and you’re done for ages!

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  1. Klaus Mueller

    Hello Dave,

    could tell me the dimensions (diameter and axle length) of the axle?

    Thank you, Klaus

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