Busch & Muller dynamo standlights

I’ve written elsewhere about dynamo lights on the site – I’m a big fan.

In each one I find myself offering reassurance that when you stop, your lights don’t go out (at least, not unless you buy a cheaper non-standlight version, where one exists – usually a minimal saving too!)

Then I had the brilliant idea of running my Lumotec IQ Cyo and Toplight Line Plus up to speed in my hallway and then letting the standlights run down… in HD video!

Naturally the video gives you no impression how bright these things are. At the start there’s enough light to descend at 40mph, while the standlight drops that down to enough light to ride carefully on level ground (with no streetlights) although it doesn’t really look like it:

As ever, click on the cog for HD video quality. Caffeine not included.

Hopefully you don’t find this exciting, but perhaps you will find it reassuring. Fast forward to 4:00 to see the tail-light turn off.

Signalled junctions in Edinburgh tend to take between 45 seconds and 2 minutes to cycle through, and as you can see, there’s plenty of light from even a short spin of the wheel to tide you through one of those. They last considerably longer if you’ve actually been riding…

Carpe oculi!


  1. I have had the chance to pick up a hardly ridden Bacchetta Giro 20 for a nice price so jumped at it ( means that Metaphrastic purchase gets pushed back but … trade-offs I guess). Anyway I plan to run a dynamo on this bike and I am looking options to mount a Busch & Mueller front light. Looking at the Bacchetta One Arm Bandit, it does not seem it will work for this setup. Do you have any other ideas?


  2. Dave

    Hi Andrew,

    How about something like this, which should allow you to use any “normal” (he uses the word advisedly!) light mount with the dynamo light:


  3. Thanks. I have one of those on short list of options. It seems to that approach or the Terracycle approach.

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