Bicycle snow plough: mk1

Bike trailer frame + scrap wood = awesome pavement sweeper

Ever since I read about David Peterson’s bike plough I’ve fancied building one myself – Edinburgh Council being as loath to treat the streets as it often seems to be.

Well, last night’s snowfall provided the perfect opportunity to convert a couple of chunks of scrap wood and the frame of my Carry Freedom Y-Frame trailer into a bike-powered snow plough:

Bicycle powered snow plough

This mk1 version is incredibly basic yet does a pretty solid job. At first I just cut the holes in the leading edge for the ‘Y’ part of the frame (above), but then cut holes for the trailer’s axles to keep the plough at a fixed angle (otherwise it would dig in and the tail kick up).

Obviously it won’t last – the board already looks pretty scuffed after just a mile or so, and will swell up if it gets soaked; but who cares, it’s scrap. v2 will be much better.

If you fancy giving this a go yourself, Chain Reaction Cycles are selling both large and small Y-Frame trailers at a large discount.

For those of a delicate persuasion, look away… I’m an evil pavement cyclist now! :)

Bicycle powered snow plough

Amazingly little effort is needed (although it’s a light fall) – I was able to ride uphill with the plough no bother.

Bicycle powered snow plough

Two cuts at the drive (in and out) left it in a great state, for a few seconds’ work:

Bicycle powered snow plough

Of course, it didn’t take too long to find people carelessly obstructing the pavement… this is Edinburgh!

Bicycle powered snow plough

More to follow (if it snows more!)


  1. John

    Now I’m all in favour of more pavement cycling of this sort…

  2. DaveC

    I really want one of these…..

  3. Dave

    Got a few refinements to try, then I’m thinking I might produce some plans…

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